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Service Description

The Unique Service Provision Point of this service is that this program is set out to enhance the general public safety of the community. This expected to be achieved through the provision of a community based program for offenders that aims at supporting the offenders to work on their dysfunctional behavior and attitude in order to become productive citizen and refrain from repeating criminal activity. In return, this is expected to support them to gradually reintegrate within society following adequate preparation, support and direction that the program will be providing. This will be fulfilled through collaboration with different entities and professionals with the main aim being that of enhancing public safety. There are three major reason why such a setting is to an advantage to criminal offenders and the society:

  1. Treatment of offenders in the community is regarded more humane than the placement in a traditional penal institution.

  2. The use of a community home will be a significant support in the reintegration of offender into society.

  3. The reintegration within the community can be accomplished at a cost that less than cost of incarceration.