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Providing an aftercare service is envisaged to ensure consistency, and continuity in the outcomes achieved by an individual as a result of undertaking the program offered by RISe. Therefore, this service will be targeting service users who successfully completed our rehabilitation programme, 

and there are two key components to the aftercare concept that distinguishes it from the traditional handling of offenders.

First, offenders must receive services and supervision. Second, offenders must receive intensive intervention while they are incarcerated, during their transition to community programmes, and when they are under community supervision.

This component of the aftercare model redefines the concept of re-integrative services, to include not only an examination of what takes place after release,but also of what takes place before release into the community. 

The aftercare service is delivered through the following means:

  • By Phone

  • Drop in

  • By appointment

Aftercare Services: Service

Service users who successfully finish the rehabilitation programme, support on the following levels continue to be provided





Aftercare Services: List

Objectives of the service 

Identify strategies that will support individuals in preserving the achieved outcomes of the programme

Set out specific objectives that enhance the service user’s development through a bio-psycho-social and spiritual perspective

Refer the service user to different services that are available in the local scenario

Support the service user to put into practice the strategies and objectives in the care plan formulated

Reduce recidivism as a way of enhancing the safety and stability of the community

Aftercare Services: List
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