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We gently ask you/your organisation to acknowledge the potential of this foundation and possibly support our fundraising in order to help us fulfil our mission of reintegrating offenders, reducing reoffending and provide a sustainable service in our community. Without the assistance of community-minded persons, groups and organisations like you, we wouldn’t be able to deliver and serve those in our community each year. 

Your contribution matters! Thank you!



Our organisation always appreciates the generosity and involvement of people like you, and with every contribution going towards RISe Foundation you help make our organisation be able to provide all the necessities to our service users. For this, we are requesting your support in donating any items that can be used to support the foundation, its projects, and its residents, such as securing more foodstuff, or any other unwanted item that can no longer be of use to you/your business, such as any household items, canned goods, fresh goods, frozen goods, clothing, tools, toiletries etc. Your support would be of great importance and could make a difference not only in these individuals' lives, but would contribute to the journey of giving them new hope for their future and supporting a safer community.

Get in touch today and be part of it!

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